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Why does it take so long to make the rug?

The rugs have hundreds of thousands of hand tied knots, and as a result are incredibly labor intensive. The hand made knotting process gives our rugs an incredibly luxurious quality, but it takes time. Additionally, we are experiencing higher than expected interest in our rugs and our doing our best to build up our stock. We assure you, the wait is worth it!

Where are the rugs made?

The rugs are made in our family run mill in Northern India, now in its sixth generation of production.The mill is GoodWeave Certified, meaning you can rest assured that no child labor was used in the production of your rugs.

How are the rugs made?

Each rugs is made by hand. The rug fibers are hand-knotted. Each rug contains approximately 227,850 individually tied knots. We us all natural and renewable source materials. Currently we offer New Zealand wool with Silk blend, and Vegan Tencel and Linen blend.

What is the knot count of the rugs?

The knot count is between 60 and 100 knots per square inch depending on the artwork.The 60 knot/inch rugs have approximately 227,850 knots ber rug; while the 100 knots/inch rugs have 379,800 knots per rug.

Are children employed in the production of the rugs?

Absolutely not! Our mill is ‘GoodWeave’ certified, meaning you can rest assured that no children were employed in the production of our rugs.

What are the rugs made from?

We use all natural materials in two fiber options. The first is a New Zealand wool and silk blend. The second is a Vegan tencel and linen blend. Tencel fiber is a wood pulp based thread sourced in Austria and harvested from sustainable and renewable forests.

Both fiber versions are very soft to the touch.

What are the rug dimensions?

The rugs currently come in one size. 1.4m x 1.75m (4’ 7“ x 5’ 9’ ).

Can I order a custom sized rug?

Yes, please send us an email to orders@juniormonarch.com with your desired size.

Please note:
1. Custom sizes must be larger than our standard size, this is to maintain the integrity of the artwork when it is converted into individual knots.
2. We also ask that the proportion of the original size be met, we can help you determine the optimal proportion as to maintain the integrity of the original art work.

How thick are the rugs?

Each rug is a cushy 10cm (3/8”) thick.

What is the warranty on the rug?

We offer a 2 year warranty against manufacturers defects.
Find out more here: (PDF file)

How do I care for the rug?

Download our warranty and rug care document here: (PDF file)

How will I receive my rug purchase?

The rug will be couriered directly to you from our mill by air freight. Once the rug has left our mill you will receive an email with its tracking information.

What are the shipping costs?

All shipping, local duties, and taxes are included in the purchase price.

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